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Solar? Photovoltaic? Why?

Thanks to the Feed in tariffs that are supported by the government, you will be guaranteed for an Income for photovoltaic systems for a period of 20years. Investments on roofs and open spaces are not only good for the environment but also lucrative. The Feed in tariff in the UK contains two components, the Generation and the Export Tariff.

If you produce electricity through a Photovoltaic System you qualify to receive a premium for every kwh you produce which is currently set up to 16p/kwh.

The benefit of the Generation tariff is that on one hand you receive money for the electricity you produce and at the same time you may use yourself. The Export tariff, which is 4.5p/kwh will be paid for all the electricity you produce in excess and feed into the national electricity grid. The Feed in Tariffs are all subject to a digression rate, which means if you wait for too long to install the PV-panels you will receive less amount per kwh produced and the expected yield will be less.

Don't wait too long and make a difference to your future and the future of the next generations.