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We strive for a worldwide reference for state-of-the-art solar energy and photovoltaic systems. Our company offers excellent products, outstanding service and sets new standards. This leads to steady growth and makes it possible to position ourselves successfully in the market place.


Through the delivery of excellent products we contribute to the success of our partners worldwide. To respond as quickly, flexibly and reliably as possible to ever-changing needs and wants in the growing market is what we see as our mission. The constant aspiration for perfection is reflected in our passion for outstanding quality.



We focus on the individual needs of our customers and share the common goal of responsible energy consumption. We keep an open communication with our partners based on a personal trust relationship.

We use our expertise and our over 20 years gain of experience with East Asian producers efficiently in our company. We are willing to explore new paths and are ready to take risks.

We work with high mutual appreciation and trust in the strength and creativity of each employee.

We contribute to the sustainability of the projects by balancing the environmental and economic needs as good as possible.