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Environmentally friendly and profitable

Since their development in the early ‘60s, LEDs have taken a big step forward. They are no longer only used, for example, as simple integrated status displays. Furthermore, they have already been used successfully in the automotive industry and have ever since started to replace conventional light bulbs.

In particular, during the purchase of light bulbs we should be aware of our responsibility for the preservation of our blue planet and go for LEDs. The increasing demand of energy and the steadily decreasing fossil energy sources do not only cause an increase in electricity costs, but also and more importantly, for each kilowatt hour of electricity that is produced and used in Germany, the power stations release an average of 616 g of CO2 into the atmosphere. A calculation showed that if around 39 million German households changed to LED lights within the next years, a saving of 18 million kilowatt hours of electricity could be achieved. This amount of energy is equivalent to the capacity of 3 large coal power stations. Thus, it saves the environment aprx.11 million tons of CO2 per year and therefore counteracts the greenhouse effect. 

With Calrays LED lights you go for sustainability. We do not only offer you the technology to produce green energy, but also the privilege to use energy responsibly. LED lamps have the highest energy efficiency, spending up to 70% less energy than conventional bulbs, and can be disposed of, unlike other bulbs, in normal trash.

LED lights produce less heat than conventional illuminants, they do not produce UV or infrared light hence they do not warm up those places where the light escapes.   The no longer existing safety hazard – fire hazard – makes LEDs perfect for the use in warehouses and industry halls. As to that, Calrays offers high quality manufacturing solutions in the field of room, hall and indoor lighting.